Friday, October 9, 2009

Noble Nobel

Here are some of the comments that I collected from Orkut, Facebook, Chats etc. from some of my friends in response to Barrack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

Me: NObama!!

Aniket: YES WE CAN win the Nobel Prize!!

Sayandip: Its the 'Nobel Piss Prize' because it has pissed almost everyone.

Aniket: Obama should just be given the Oscar for the best actor, the Emmy, the Pulitzer, the knighthood..... just every damn award that man can think of... Only then.. yes.. only then will mere mortals stand a chance to compete!

Deepankar: nobama pelo peace prize for thinking about increasing troop levels to year its going to be the chinese premier for protecting the sovereing rights of the uighurs and the tibetans.....maybe narendra modi after that year for maintaining peace by threatening to kill muslims and anybody who's against him.

Me: Those of you who wish to be considered for the next years' Nobel Peace Prize, please send in your entries for the lucky draw.

Aniket: I was supposed to win it this year for not fighting with my wife.

Me: I was supposed to win it this year for not INTENDING TO fight with my wife.

Me: I also WANT TO develop the Grand Unified Field Theory ... errrr ... can I get next year's Nobel Prize in Physics?